Hello again! My gosh, it's a been awhile, since last Fringe in fact and what better way to end a hiatus than to dive back into the deep waters and strong current of the Capital Fringe Festival. 

First up, I talked to the creative team behind The Nasty Women of the Ecstatic Rainbow Mystical Retreat (get all your ticket info for CapFringe here), who were generous enough to let me borrow some of their rehearsal time to talk about the show, the female gaze, Capital Fringe, finding a place in our lives for theater, and a whole lot more. The Nasty Women is an adaptation of Euripides' Bacchae written by Lisa Alapick. It is directed by Shari Lewis, and produced by Catherine Aselford, of Guillotine Theatre (formerly The Georgetown Theatre Company) and stars Tony Greenberg as King Pentheus. The Nasty Women of the Ecstatic Rainbow Mystical Retreat premieres on July 11 at 5 PM in the Sprenger Theater at the Atlas Performing Arts Center.

I had a great time talking to this group. The following is an abridged version of a longer conversation (which I think we all wanted to be even longer but they had  that whole rehearsal thing). Enjoy!