Liz Maestri!

Hi there! The podcast continues to exist, to my great surprise, but I am so glad that it does because it means that I got to sit down with Liz Maestri (don't forget her Tumblr). Liz is the author of Somersaulting, Condo Condo Condoland, and Fallbeil, among others, and she is a delight. To top it all off in a moment of (gulp) synergy, we talked on the historic Lansburgh Stage (thanks Shakespeare Theatre Company!), where Liz had her first theatre experience (a little ditty called Macbeth with some fellow named Stacey Keach). We talk about Sophie Scholl (you might also check out this movie), the unique experience of running shows and how it changes what you think of theatre, and how to deal with the fact that we don't always know what we are doing (get back to us on that one: