Celia Wren!

Ok, you got me. I'm not into this whole season 2 rhythm yet. This is late. But, better late than . . . Never mind. It's much more important to celebrate this guest on the podcast: Celia Wren! Celia is a theatre critic freelancing in the Washington D.C. area. Her byline appears in a couple local newspapers, a little rag called the Washington Post, which you may have heard of, for example, and in various publications in Richmond, VA. She was a managing editor for American Theatre magazine as well for many years. It was an absolute delight to talk about a very different part of the theatre experience, one that is more on the reception end of theatre than the production end. But critics are close to dramaturgs in my heart and I hope to have a few more on the show as we go along. 

A quick note, Celia's column with the Washington Post, the Diaspora column was recently discontinued, which is a bummer, but she remains a regular reviewer and contributor (talking about Synetic's latest, for example), you can find her recent articles here.