Pinky Swear!

Welp, the run of play finally went against me and this bi-weekly podcast took a whole month to come up with a new episode. But in the very act of promising to do more episodes on Twitter, I caught the attention of one of my favorite theatre companies in the area: Pinky Swear Productions (also to be found on the New Play Exchange) who have been producing excellent work since 2009, including Freakshow, Be Here Now, Bondage, Tiny House Plays, The Last Burlesque as well as Cabaret XXX and it's descendants, including an upcoming Christmas special (TICKETS!)

As it turned out, co-artistic director Karen Lange (the other is Allyson Harkey) and I had some spare time the day before Thanksgiving (i.e. the day you bake all the pies) and we put it to good use. We talked about what its like to realize that you can produce the theatre you wish you could see, how great it is to connect with audiences and collaborators, Marx's conception of alienation and what that might mean in a digital age (#GermanNerd), selfies and the importance of being seen (thanks Rachel Syme!), and making waffles out of stuffing (just briefly). It was fantastic.

One particular idea that we discussed was figuring out a way to establish a co-op theatre space that could accommodate multiple theatre companies and never went dark. Think about how great it would be to work with a cadre of reliable technicians in a well-maintained space that you had an stake in, but didn't have to worry about managing yourself. If you think that's a good idea, let's talk ( or @ExitStageDoor).