Poe, Times Two!

Twitter keeps being a source of wonder and surprise connections. Richard Byrne reached out to me after I sent the bat-signal for more Fringe producers and put me in touch with Greg Oliver Bodine, author and star of Poe, Times Two and we put together a podcast with Greg and DeLisa White, director and frequent collaborator, in between his rehearsal and the opening gala for the 2016 Capital Fringe Festival. My recording venue fell through, so we adjourned to Plan b for burgers and beer and a chance to talk about Poe, Times Two and the advantages of living with a show for a long time in a Fringe setting and directing philosophies. It's a packed 32 minutes (and it's at a bar, so the audio is a bit different, set your volume accordingly). Please check out Poe, Times Two, which opens on July 9th and check out an amazing event at Eat the Rich on July 13 from 5 - 7 PM (it would have been at Mockingbird Hill, because amontillado is sherry and that's what you drink at Mockingbird Hill, but they are doing some work on the place). You can find the Poe, Times Two schedule and get tickets here. Enjoy!