The Arsonists!

Ok, I did not actually sit down for a chat with any arsonists (not even the amazing actors who play the arsonists, Kimberly Gilbert and Tim Getman), but I did have a fantastic conversation with Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company's Connectivity Director, Kristen Jackson, Civic Organizer Laurenellen McCann, and Literary Director Kirsten Bowen to talk about Woolly's incredibly trenchant production of Max Frisch's classic The Arsonists. One of the excellent things that we talk about is all the many events and conversations that Woolly is organizing around the show (including open rehearsals and design jams in the run up to technical rehearsals). There are post-show discussions after every show, not as talk backs, but as opportunities for audience members to talk to each other about what they thought. You can find all of these events at the Related Events page on Woolly's main show page for The Arsonists. Coming up next you can be talking Violence and Power with Collective Action for Safe Spaces Executive Director Jessica Raven on the 23rd of September and Complicity and Creating Dialogue with theatre practitioner Elena Velasco on the 30th of September, among others. The Arsonists is already in previews. It opens September 12 and runs through October 8, click here for performance dates.

It was truly excellent have this chat about a great production of play I love that absolutely speaks to our (all too interesting) times. I'm hoping to see you at some of these events, but if not, I hope you check out this production and fight on. #Resist