Patrick Lord!


This is it folks, the big meta episode where a projection designer (or . . . whatever, we get into it) talks to another projection designer. It was a huge pleasure for me to sit down with Patrick Lord in the comfy confines of the Silver Spring library.

This was aaaaaaalll the way back in August and I’ve been keeping it in my pocket for a rainy month, which is November. This year it’s thanks to A Wonder in My Soul over at Center Stage in Baltimore and not to my usual November squeeze of the Washington Ballet’s version of The Nutcracker at the Warner, which you should definitely check out because it is still pretty great.

Patrick is a busy busy guy these days, so I’m very glad I could squeeze this chat in with him before the season got away from us both. We might have recorded this in the summer, but we talk about evergreen topics like growing the capacity for our corner of the design world in DC and just what it means to be a media/video/projection design person in the world.

It’s good stuff, IMO, biased as I am. Enjoy!