A Small News Item

I've been trying to be really aware of the other podcasts working in the theatre space. One of the reasons I started Exit the Stage Door is because there just weren't that many conversations happening about theatre outside of New York and there weren't many that were just general conversations with theatre makers (the American Theatre Wing has a video series that sort of captures the idea). So when American Theatre's Facebook page threw up some links to the best podcasts working in theatre in a segment called "Top of the Pods," I was stoked. I thought, maybe one day, when Exit the Stage Door has found its feet and its audience, we will show up on "Top of the Pods." One day.

That day turned out to be Friday, December 5. 6 episodes in and already some folks are taking notice. Excuse me, for a brief textual interlude.


Ok, we're back. And we really will be back with Catherine Rodriguez this coming Wednesday and every other week for as long as there are people who are willing to talk to me. Hopefully more of them now, thanks to American Theatre magazine. Thanks for the recognition. We won't let you down.