Shayla Roland!

Hey! The show goes on! For reals! I am bummed that the pace of the shows has slowed waaaay down but, we’ve got a good one for you this month: it’s Shayla Roland! Shayla is the Special Programming Manager at Ford’s Theatre and we spent a lot of time talking about what exactly that means (hint: lots) and a few things she's done, including Ford's events commemorating the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s assassination, NBD. We also spent some time talking about the cool things that Cultural DC does, including and especially the Source Festival, a fantastic development playground for new plays and making new artistic connections. Shayla is now an assistant producer with the festival, so check that out. Also, if you are at all interested in getting thrown into the whirlwind world of Source Festival, there are many opportunities to get involved. And don't forget about Ford’s Theatre’s production of The Glass Menagerie, which starts previews on January 22nd. 

The next time I check in with y'all, it'll be from Houston freaking Texas, which is kind of wild. 

PS Ford's partnered with Google Cultural Institute on a cool thing