Will Jenkins!

Will and I are old friends, dating back to our days on the stage of a community youth theatre that I hope will one day be famous as a hotbed of creativity and a cultivator of talent: Stewartstown Summer Theatre (a ministry of Stewartstown United Methodist Church). It was awesome to sit him down and talk about his career and how he found his vocation as an English teacher and high school theater director. Of course, I was there for most of it, but I'm happy to be share it with all of you good people. The next time up, Will and I will have survived a high school production of Mary Poppins (thanks MTI) where Mary (and hopefully Bert) actually fly (thanks ZFX). We will be exhausted, punch drunk, and ready to talk about reaching for the stars on a tenth of NASA's budget. Until then, here's Will Jenkins (@buddywillj). Enjoy.