Rachel Grossman!

Ok,  let's get the bad news out of the way: I made a curious technical choice and I didn't plug in my backup hard drive because . . . because I'm an idiot, let's face it. So, the audio comes from a small digital recorder (which turns out to be pretty quality, thanks to Wirecutter) rather than my wonderful microphones. Which is to say, there is a crap load of background noise and weird distortion from attempting to minimize that background noise, but it is still all there. Always plug in your backup hard drives, kids.

Now for the good. It's Rachel Grossman! She is one of the ringleaders of dog & pony dc. She's a fantastic person, so enthusiastic and expressive and eloquent and it was a pleasure to hang out with her at Port City Java in Eastern Market and talk over the child in the background. And the espresso machine. Make no mistake, it was a great time. We talk about the National Arts Marketing Project Conference, dog & pony dc, ensemble theatre practice, how to build a career in theatre, and how random music in a café can occasionally reinforce the point being made. Have a listen, thanks for bearing with the suboptimal sound (lesson learned!), and enjoy. 

Also, it's Peter Brook and it's called The Empty Space, and it's not the only book he wrote.

Also, you should just watch the Count get himself bleeped. You're welcome.