Catherine Russell and Maria Tejada!

I have a few friends here and there who work in theatre and are willing to tolerate my cooking and my presence. Fortunately for me, they were also really good sports about letting me stick microphones in their faces. Before the pie was even served on Thanksgiving, for heaven's sake. This is my Christmas present to y'all, this year: a good time with my good friends, Catherine Russell, the Sydney Harman Hall stage carpenter for Shakespeare Theatre Company, and Maria Tejada, an assistant stage manager who also works for STC. It's goofy and I get grilled about what it means to try, and fail, to be a director. So it was loads of fun. 

A big time caveat: I'm still an idiot about this recording thing and this is all cobbled together from like four different microphones. I think it works, mostly. But you have my sincere apologies for the volume weirdness.