Michael Dove!

It's a New Year's miracle. Or something. Actually, it's much simpler than that. Michael Dove and Forum Theatre have a lot going on. Walking the City of Silence and Stone drops a new episode on January 5th (check that awesome project out, walk Washington, DC in an entirely new way). And the T-Party gets underway TODAY (January 2nd). It's an exciting project that's getting the full business. You should see it. I should see it (damn it, I will SEE IT). Point is, Forum Theatre is happening and it just made sense to get this out in time for y'all to check it all out. Michael and I talk a lot about hip hop and politics and the rehearsal process. It was an absolute blast. Many thanks to Woolly Mammoth for their awesome lobby experience and letting us record there. Without further ado: Michael Dove, who is awesome.