This episode was such a blast to record. All the way up in the wilds of upstate New York in tiny Cambridge. And absolutely worth every second. Even the terrible play about the dairy farmers. Because I got to see a performance of Danielle Mohlman's Nexus (more fun here). You may have heard her before. The production starred Emma Jackson, you've heard her as well, and Jonathan Colby, a Stage Door debut. I hope this play as some life after this, I hope, podcast listeners that we can make that happen. Nexus. It's good stuff and it would be awesome to see on stages in the District. Many kudos to David Snider and Hubbard Hall, who presented it as part of a festival of new work.

I am bummed that this episode didn't air in time for you to catch Emma in a staged reading of The Impracticalities of Being a Modern Day Mastodons by Rachel Teagle. But you can at least read a little something about it from Inkwell's blog