Field Trip!

Who doesn't love a field trip? In this case, I talked to Maureen Monterubio and Nick Vargas, the artistic directors of Field Trip Theatre, owners of an awesome mission statement: No dead white guys. We are talking about new plays, y'all! We talk about Fringe, new plays, and what it takes to make yourselves a brand new theatre company. 

Field Trip Theatre has a bunch of awesome projects coming to fruition soon. Part of that effort, is raising some cash for the organization. Four seems to be a lucky number for Maureen and Nick, so February 4th marked the beginning of the effort to raise $4,444. If you like what you hear, I hope you will consider helping them out. Look for their latest project, Bigger than You, Bigger than Me in March. They've got a lot going on, so stay in touch. In the mean time, enjoy!