Alina! And Jeanette!

I am so happy to bring you this episode, y'all. It was recorded the same day as Brittany's, which feels like a lifetime ago, and it was a great way to end a day of podcasting. Jeanette Porter and Alina Gerall were kind enough to host me in a Lansburgh dressing room and ply me with wine. Jeanette Porter is the wardrobe supervisor for Shakespeare Theatre Company and Alina Gerall is like, technically wardrobe overhire, but she works so often at STC it's hard not to think of her as part of STC. This was a total blast and not just because of the wine. Alina and Jeanette are two passionate, experienced, articulate women and they had a lot of thoughts on their careers in theatre, why they love wardrobe so much, and the strange things that reaching into people's underwear for a living can do to you.