Ryan Connelly!

Ok, I cheated just a little bit with this one. Ryan is based out of Cincinnati, OH and the real connection to the Baltimore/Washington scene is through me, EXCEPT, that he spent a season singing with Virginia Opera. It's also possible that you've seen Ryan around at MAGFest, since he makes that trek on the regular.  

Ryan Connelly is one of my oldest friends and has one of the coolest job titles of all of my friends: Ryan is an opera singer. I hit up two theatre birds with one road trip and checked in with Ryan in Cincy on my way back from Humana Festival in Louisville. We talk about that and a whole lot more (mostly video games and alcohol). It was an absolute blast to get him talking about the world of opera, a world that I don't have that much experience with. Enjoy!

We talk about Tales of Hoffmann by Offenbach in this episode, this particular recording in particular with Roberto Alagna and Natalie Dessay. I think that's the recording. It's hard to tell with You should definitely read ETA Hoffmann's short stories. They are free!