It was a great pleasure to finally meet Lauren Halvorsen, who I should have met years ago. You'll hear all about it in the podcast, don't you worry. Lauren and I talked about a ton of stuff, especially Houston, Pittsburgh, online dating and our digital portraits, what it's like in the Studio Theatre House Manager's office, how to end up in a great career on accident (the best way!) and a bit about the Barbie Grotto. Yeah, it was awesome.

Lauren is the Associate Literary Director at Studio Theatre. They have Jumpers for Goalposts running now (extended!) and they just opened Mary-Kate Olsen is in Love. You can catch the next show that Lauren will dramaturg in September, it's called Chimerica (Chai-Merica, like China and America). Also, you and I have homework: reading Americanah. I'm about to get on that (here's a German interview with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie because I'm a nerd). You can find her Barbie Grotto photos on Instagram and you can find Lauren on Twitter.