Andy Vance!

So, I know that this podcast is dedicated to the Washington DC/Baltimore megaplex, but I spent a good amount of time outside of that megaplex recently and I was making some theatre to boot. So my point is, I recorded a podcast with someone who works in the Houston area (because that's where I was). I think you'll forgive me because Andy Vance, the lighting supervisor at the newly renovated Alley Theatre is awesome. We had a fantastic conversation about his career, about what it's like to come back to place that is kinda the same, but also quite different, and quite a few ultra nerdy lighting things. I tried to keep that to a minimum. So when we talk about unit numbers on hanging positions, don't let your mind drift too far, we get back on track pretty quickly.

I had the pleasure of programming and installing the projection set up for the Alley Theatre's co-production (along with Dallas Theatre Center) of All The Way, a fantastic play that won some hardware. It's really perfect to see that play go up in Texas. But it will also be awesome to see that show in April when previews begin for Arena Stage's production of it (which I am only vaguely affiliated with, in that I will hang and point some lights). But it's going to be good, I'm guessing. Maybe I'll rope some critic or dramaturg or actor in to talk about All the Way, come April. 

Who knows about the future, right now, all I can do is present to you, the wonderful Andy Vance.