Lauren Hines!

Holy crap, it's been a while. I'm working on that, but, in the mean time we've got Lauren Juanita Hines, the freshly minted managing director of Adventure Theatre MTC. Lauren and I actually have mutual friends, and it took the genius of one of those friends to make this connection. I have really cool friends. Basically, Lauren is amazing. It was my first chance to talk to someone in the office (and a managing director, no less!) and it was everything I hoped it could be. We recorded the show on the set of James and the Giant Peach, which is lovingly detailed, really excellent work. Lauren and I talked a lot about the business side of theater and we got to talk a bit about opera (if you want more opera talk, don't forget about great friend of the show, Ryan Connelly!). Lauren is working hard at enabling the many excellent things that Adventure Theatre MTC is doing, things like presenting an autism-friendly version of James and the Giant Peach (which everyone loves), along with an ASL-interpreted show. They also have an academy, so you can do more than just watch their awesome shows. Check them out. They produce shows in Glen Echo Park, a really interesting little place in Georgetown. Watch out, though. Google Maps doesn't quite realize that the parking lot and the park are separate things (look for Oxford Rd). Now that you've been warned, you should check them out. I had a blast recording this one, and I hope that you enjoy this fantastic conversation.

One small note: there was a big ole fan going on-stage and I had to attempt some audio kung-fu to make this episode sound it's best. I think I mostly succeeded, but if it sounds a bit processed to y'all, you're not crazy.