Amanda Herman!

I've been working my way around the theatre and I am proud to say that I've got another awesome front office conversation in the can! I've been casting my net further afield, going from people I know to people I've never met in my everloving life. I'm story working off of people that I have already interviewed and while digging into Pinky Swear's artistic associates (hi Karen!), I discovered a combination that I've been dying to get on the show in the form of Amanda Herman (watch out, that link might be a little out of date, but she will respond, I promise!) Amanda was recently a fellow with Shakespeare Theatre Company and she has since become the Marketing and Development Manager for NextStop Theatre Company waaay out in Herndon (like, Dulles' front door step). We got to talking about what NextStop Theatre is up to (and up to next), transitioning from community theatre to professional theatre, intern life, what non-profit boards do, and all kinds of great inside baseball on marketing and development. I had a blast. It was totally worth that trip through downtown DC at rush hour and Fairfax County's silly toll roads. Check out NextStop's next production, opening May 12, City of Angels (a jazzy noir film thing with a score by Cy freaking Coleman, one of Mel Tormé's good buddies). And ENJOY!