Kate Robards!

It's Fringe time in the Capital (not to be confused with the Capitol, which is looking mighty fine these days) and we are kicking it off right: with podcasting. First, we had The Real World: Kabul's Emily Liner and now we have Studio Theatre alum and world-class human being, Kate Robards! Her (second!) solo Fringe show is called Ain't That Rich and you can catch it starting on July 7th at the MLK Library on 9th and G (among other times, but always in that place). 

This one was really fun, and not just because Kate is fantastic person and charming AF, but also because it was recorded over the Interwebs instead of face to face! I'm new to that area of audio life and my audio sounds like an echo chamber (for, like, reasons), but Kate sounds fantastic, so don't let my inadequacies keep you from listening her talk about the DC theatre scene, what it meant to go through Studio Theatre's apprenticeship program, and the joys of self-producing.