The Real World: Kabul!

We are kicking off some Capital Fringe (buy your buttons!) coverage this week with not one but two chats with folks who are producing their own work, which is a celebration of what Fringe is all about: self-producing!

First up, the playwright and producer of The Real World: Kabul, who is inspired by the story of the lonely satellite channel in Kabul, Tolo TV, (that's the one in Afghanistan, if you are wondering) that dreamed up Afghan Star, among other delights. That playwright and producer is Emily Liner! And she is a pretty cool cat, as you would expect from a go-getting self-producing theatrical neophyte.  The Real World: Kabul has its premiere on July 7th at the Atlas Performing Arts Center's Lab II at 9:00 PM (once again the Capital Fringe folk have you covered). Check The Real World: Kabul out and check this out!